Recent News

Isabella Ramos Winner of the BPSDEF Logo Contest After comparing the BPSD Education Foundation logo with the BPSD logo, we realized they were too similar. Since we are not actually part of the school district, we decided to create a new logo to differentiate the Foundation from the school district. We approached Mrs. Cho, the BPJH art teacher, about having her students design is a new logo. Thirty-one students each came up with very creative
Premier Chevrolet   Ganahl Lumber   Students Receive New Equipment   Rock & Brews       The value of the donations received was distributed as follows: Beatty – $328 BPJH – $392 Corey – $223 Emery – $265 Gilbert – $286 Pendleton – $191 Whitaker – $223. TOTAL – $1,908.00 Thank you to all who helped make this event a success!!! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Adams Legacy Grant   Congratulations to the 2017 Educational Grant Recipients! The teachers below have applied and received the following grants:   Buena Park Junior High – $3,211.91 Emily Bruhns Dorothy Sedia Vanessa Gomez Fernando Penaloza   Corey School – $894.58 Kristin Hale Deborah Threadway Jan Kitchen   Emery School – $1,960.47 Claire Prentice Brianne Cavallaro Dee Cavenee & Ana Ngo   Gilbert School – $2,227.45 Georgina Bacchous Rachelle M. Casares Dianne Wen Jenifer Krowel
Art Contest Winners From a Fourth Grader at BEATTY SCHOOL presented to Premier Chevrolet From an Eighth Grader at BUENA PARK JUNIOR HIGH presented to Brentwood Home From a First Grader at EMERY SCHOOL presented to Giving Children Hope From a Sixth Grader at EMERY SCHOOL presented to Knecht Family       Save Save Save Save Save Save