Adams Legacy Grant

“Thank you, Buena Park School District Educational Foundation, for your donation of $20,000 to Buena Park School District to be used towards ensuring that all sixth grade students have the opportunity to attend science camp. This grant was made possible through a grant opportunity offered by the Adams Legacy Foundation. We are grateful for their donation and share in the focus that all sixth grade students be able to attend science camp.”

Congratulations to the 2017 Educational Grant Recipients!  The teachers below have applied and received the following grants:


  • Buena Park Junior High – $3,211.91

Emily Bruhns

Dorothy Sedia

Vanessa Gomez

Fernando Penaloza


  • Corey School – $894.58

Kristin Hale

Deborah Threadway

Jan Kitchen


  • Emery School – $1,960.47

Claire Prentice

Brianne Cavallaro

Dee Cavenee &

Ana Ngo


  • Gilbert School – $2,227.45

Georgina Bacchous

Rachelle M. Casares

Dianne Wen

Jenifer Krowel

Tina Nguyen

Leslee Milch

Raymond Benedetto


  • Pendleton – $1,217.09

Marie D’Allura

Jeanne Krucli

Shelley Michel

Kristin Sherman

Rebecca Bergstrom

Breanna Buchanan


  • Corey PTA – $1,389.00

Mr. Mauldin &

Courtney Holguin, PTA


  • Whitaker School – $948.77

Megan Gonzales

Stacy Vongphrachanh

Jennifer Feeney

Teachers Receiving Grants